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Not pleased with product gets clog very easily and water over shoots my gutters.would not recommend this product.

I have a problem now with water getting into my basements, i didn't have that before i had screens installed, the company did say they would come out and clean them, i guess now i need to get on a ladder often to see when there getting clogged so i don't keep getting a wet basement, not worth the money i paid, that's why i am righting this to let other people no! !! !! !!

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Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #813940

I know.I don't even work for Gutter Glove but I know from experience that some of the meshes out there are woven to tight to allow water to get in.

In areas where there is high volume of water it is better to use a micro mesh that is more loosely woven. This will actually grab the water when it comes off the roof. These do a great job. The true test is the sink test.

If you are getting estimates, insist that the representative run water in your kitchen sink through the mesh to see how much goes in and how much does not.Turn the water on full blast so you will get an idea of how good or bad it is working.

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Hi Haryy,

What you're describing sounds like a case of improper installation. If water is overshooting your gutters, please contact the certified Gutterglove dealer which installed your system or contact us directly at 877-662-5644. We would be more than happy to help you get your Gutterglove gutter guard working properly!

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If you are thinking of getting screens,here is something you should no

screen company's are now coming out with stainless steel mesh some with different layers of mesh all stainless steel will rust over time,if near saltwater less then a year must will take 3 or 4 years to rust but don't take my word for it come some businesses who sell stainless products and they will tell that it indeed it will also screens don't hold up to the climate snow and ice destroy them, so before you spend your money think about it

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Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States #1002533

This guy has no clue what he is talking about.I've had gutterglove on my home for 6 yrs.

Stainless steel and aluminum don't rust meat head.

I live in Wisconsin and unless your from Mars you'll know it snows here.

No rust.This is some other company making up a bogus review with no idea what he is talking about.

Columbus, Ohio, United States #811070

Stainless steel takes hundreds of years to rust.

Rochester, New York, United States #704864

Why is there a Gutter Helmet add on this page. Makes you wonder who is posting negative comments about Screened gutter guards !

Cheshire, Connecticut, United States #686244

T 316 stainless doesn't rust.Gutter Glove is my competitor and theirs doesn't rust.

Leaf Solution is customizable to different pitch and types of roofs and works better by design than Gutter Glove though.Leaf Solution dealer in CT, Gutter Guardian, LLC

Rocklin, California, United States #644524

Gutterglove gutter guard is constructed with 316 stainless steal, not the cheaper and less rest resistant 304 stainless. We take great pride in our product and have done thorough testing, including salt water testing. Gutterglove will stand up to the test of time, which is why we give it a 25 year warranty, which is good enough for the Army Corps of Engineers!

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Gutterglove Of Maryland - Gutter glove what a rip off

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gutter glove doesn't work, it clogs to easy they don't warrant the screen from clogging just your gutters you have to keep them clean your self go figure they don't tell you this when they are selling it they claim they are self cleaning i should have known better. to clean them you have to unscrew them take them down and hose it off put them back on and screw them which is much more difficult then just cleaning you gutters out i got these so i wouldn't have to get on a ladder anymore i am much to old for this any way i would not recommend screen especially gutter glove

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Shame on you Tom, You know your micro screen clogs with decayed debris, pollen and oil from roof.


No product in the world is 100% effective, Gutterglove has three products you can choose from and if you have a lot of oak trees and such you can get Gutterglove Ultra that is not as tight woven and I've never seen that clog at times you might get a few leaves that might have stuck or backed on your roof ( they will do that if you had no gutters at all) But the joke you talk about taking a power washer to the screen is pure nonsense.Yes I do install Gutterglove im a dealer wont say where so you wont think I'm trying to get business.

I've Installed Most everything out there and I stick with Gutterglove for one reason it works great and I have very few call backs and if I do I go check the problem out and most its just an easy fix.

Only once it was because of a small part of screen that clogged and a new roof was just installed and the oil in only a small part clogged the screen and the fix was spray degreaser on the screen and scrub it off, I know the homeowner personly and he's never had another problem.So if your getting high pressure and rude people its not the Product its the dealer call Gutterglove direct they will help you.

to tom Mooresville, North Carolina, United States #595077

Tom again The only hope for Gutter cleaners is hey its only $75 to $150 once a year to clean your gutters.Now lets be real here minimum to keep your gutters clean is twice in the fall twice in the spring.

But now think you clean your gutters the first time and depending on the tree's and how many you have or your neighbor has how long do you think its going to take to clog your gutters again. and they start rotting facia boards or dripping on your window seal,doors or whatever. you don't call a gutter cleaner because your gutters are clean do you?

so right after you pay the cleaner whatever the price maybe the next day you have a lot of wind and it blows leaves of the tree's where do these things go they? So your Gutter cleaning bill for lets say $100.00 lasted a week water runs to the down spouts on a properly installed gutter and so does everything else in your gutters until it creates a dam effect or covers the down spout hole.

It only takes a hand full of leaves to clog a now we are looking at a minimum of $300 to $600.00 for gutters that can still cost you money in facia repairs or mold removal it just makes sense to have you gutters flowing water smoothly.

I did an install about a month ago home had gutter only full of leaves and such I had to replace 90% of the facia boards replace a few rafter tails at a cost of $1200 for wood repairs then because of rotting facia boards it cause the gutters to pull away and some twisted and bend so that was replaced cost of $1500.00 for new gutters and down spouts cost for repairs was $2700.00 and the cost for me to intall the Gutterglove Ultra was $2850.00 so all in all they could have saved the $2700.00 added $100.00 and not gone through that whole process.So its really how you look at things Gutter cleaners will go broke if every house had a good gutter Protection on them.

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